Posted by: leish79 | March 23, 2013

Are school librarians an endangered species?

For the Jan/Feb 2012 issue, five leaders were asked to present their 30 second thought on the question: “Are school librarians an endangered species?” Click on the link to listen to their thoughts.

All five commentators were unanimous in articulating their view that school librarians are not extinct yet, however the librarian will need to redefine their roles as they move into the 21st century. Each commentator stresses that librarians are a vital and necessary part of the school community, however librarians need to embrace the move from simply being curators of printed material to leading the way in showing available technologies to students, teachers and parents. Librarians continue to be the experts in teaching students to learn with information and this will continue regardless of print or digital media. The importance of the librarian will continue to grow as the information age expands.


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